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Planet of Gold


Genealogy of the Anunnaki


1. History and Mythology

2. Alien Authors and their language

3. Genesis of the Human Race

4. The Revolt of the Titans

5. The Deluge

6. Isis and Osiris

7. The death of Dumuzi and the birthright of Marduk

8. The Sumerian civilization

9. The Tower of Babili

10. Viracocha and Quetzalcoatl

11. Babili the Gateway of the Gods

12. Abraham and Nimrod

13. Enlil deposed by Marduk

14. Destroy Babylon - The Wars of Enlil

15. Exodus the appearance of Yahweh

16. The Trojan Gods and the Trojan War

17. The Corruption of the Early Human History

18. Alexander the Great and the seven who judge

19. The Son of God or the Son of Yahweh

20. Apollonius, Paulus and Constantine

21. The God of Fear and the Christian era

22. Corrupted Technology

23. St Michael, Marduk and the Dragon

24. Ruler of Earth

25. Yahweh, Gold Powder and the Climate Crisis

26. Galili and Lulu



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