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Christianity and Islam

The story of Christianity is also the story of how the world has been deformed in order to fit into the doctrines of Yahweh. After the Christian managed to capture the Byzantine Empire from the inside, the shape of the Empire had to be adjusted, culture and knowledge had to vanish, and the mind of the people had to be reprogrammed. Is Jesus the son of Yahweh? Was he an agent of the alien administration? Have his teachings created some kind of mental freedom, or a new kind of slavery? Are Christianity and Islam gifts from God or Machiavellian reasons for creating conflicts?

     Why do we find Archangel Gabriel actively working for both Christianity and Islam? It's hard to understand why God had to create a religion, but even harder, why he had to create two religions? Are those religions meant to balance each other's power so that none of them could dominate the world, according to the doctrine divide and rule? Were both planned in advance? Planet of Gold reveals the architect behind those religions, and also the reasons behind their creation.

     Why are the symbols of Christianity and Islam associated with stars? Why do we find the sign of the cross everywhere long before Jesus? How come that both Emperor Constantine, the one who introduced the Christian symbol, and Mohammed II, the one who introduced the Islamic symbol, were military leaders! How come that both symbols have been officially introduced in Constantinople?

     We also present a short summary of the uncounted crimes begotten by Christianity, like the persecution of people and the destruction of civilizations. The destruction of temples, knowledge, the burning of books (and even people) on fire, brought about the greatest darkness over Europe in human history. Not to mention that the citizens of the Roman Empire (the east as well as the west) had to make a choice between to convert to Christianity, or die.

     Strange as it sounds, the appearance of Islam united the Christians. The Islamic threat was more fearsome than the fact that they were forced to convert to Christianity! Was it also according to plan? Independent of what opinion one has about those two religions, the plan was in fact genius! Aided by competitive religions and wars in his name, Enlil/Jehovah could still govern Earth, despite the fact that he left. We also reveal he origins of the "kingdom of heavens", the place where both Christians and Moslems are supposed to enter after death!

Read why God created concurrent religions, how
they are used as control instruments, and
why they are against the interests of mankind

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