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Early Human History Unmasked

Imagine an ancient Temple somewhere around the cost of the Mediterranean Sea. Philosophers are sitting on the temple stairs involved in philosophical discussions concerning God's existence, and anything else between heaven and earth. Ordinary people visit whatever temple they like, often temples dedicated to different gods. They wish to keep god relations with all gods.

     Emperor Constantine, and many other emperors after him, ordered the destruction of such temples, persecuted philosophers, science, and ordinary people not willing to abandon their cultural traditions and convert to Christianity. Christian fathers and Christian mobs, supported by the imperial power, burned people and books on fire, destroyed the accumulated knowledge of the time, and brought about a great darkness all over Europe. Everybody was forced to worship Yahweh! You are not allowed to worship other gods except me, he said!

     Now imagine what is left of that old temple; only ruins! No freethinking people, no ceremonies, no philosophers; just condensed silence among the broken pillars. I wish that the temple stones, the blood of murdered heroes, or the dried grass could tell us what they have been witnessing under the eons! God's representatives have been quite busy in concealing the truth and justifying crimes. Christians don't actually know the real history of their church.

     I came to think of an old poem. It was originally written in another language that you, the reader, could not understand as a consequence of the confusion of the tongues by God. I am happy to share it with you. I know this is against the will of God who didn't want us to communicate with one another, but I don't think he even knows who I am since he is not here any more!

On the top of an eternal black stone
The Goddess of Honor is standing alone
Recalling the names of famous heroes
Who fought for justice and honor and gods
On her beautiful hair she bears a wreath
Made of dried grass, the only thing left.


….What is for sure, Mr. Paris has done a great deal of research. In fact, the research in itself would provide an interesting story. How he came about finding, discovering, deducing these new ideas. Wisely Mr. Paris backs up his theories with a reference list of books and web sites. It's obvious from his straightforward prose that the author's mission is genuine and sincere. I wish him great luck finding the right audience for these revolutionary ideas…
Writer's Digest

     Planet of Gold is a fascinating and meticulously researched account of the first stirrings of the Earth, when alien gods mastered our universe. Paris’ hypothesis of these gods, sending tons of gold from our planet, may challenge your beliefs, but with great skill he weaves a believable and astounding conclusion of why religions developed and how these beliefs have become permanently intertwined in our history.

     The gold of Earth, transformed into a "monatomic super conducting gold powder", could bring health and longevity. Additionally, it was a powerful and clean energy source. The knowledge about the gold powder was the explicit privilege of the gods. For us, it has been classified as 'forbidden knowledge.' The gold, and the gold powder, was the reason behind such events as the creation of man, the confusion of the tongues, the destruction of cities, and the introduction of religions, like Christianity and Islam. Their action, to violently deprive us from using gold powder, is visible in our current state of being: a world dominated by diseases, mental enslavement by religious dogmas, and pollution leading to a climate crisis. As you can see, this world is a complete hell compared to the one we have been deprived of.

     This book is a stunningly revealing look at ancient kings, prophets and agents, secret societies, the Holy Inquisition, the Bible, and other religious teachings. Planet of Gold will open your eyes to an entirely different way of observing your faith and your world.

     This is the history of gods and men, - a history that has been corrupted in order to present Enlil as Yahweh/God. At the time of the creation of the Christian religion, people living in the Hellenic, and the Roman world, were free to worship whatever god they liked. There was freedom of speech, religious tolerance, philosophers could freely discuss the existence of God, and religions were subjected to science.

     The story of Christianity is the story about how societies have been deformed, and subjected to the authority of the 'only God'. It is the history of how human development has been neutralized, how science, knowledge, philosophy, and people have been persecuted. How civilizations based on science have been replaced by societies dominated by fear, and intellectual darkness.

     The kingdom of Nibiru, the home planet of Enlil/Yahweh, became 'the kingdom of heaven' in Christianity. The underground gold mines of the aliens became 'the Christian Hell'. The confusion of the tongues by God, this spiteful crime against humanity, is justified as right in the Christian Bible. Destruction of cities, genocide by God, and the crimes of the warrior messengers (angels!) are justified too, as the work of God! God is always right, according to the Christian Bible, even when he is wrong! We believe that not even God should have license to kill!

     The book reveals the truth about the identity, and the character of the God of the OT. The truth behind the confusion of the tongues, the extermination of the Anakim and the Cathars, the Golden Fleece, the Trojan War, the Asar gods, the murder of king Nimrod, the poisoning of Alexander the great, the men behind Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the role of some secret brotherhoods, and much more that has been hidden, or classified as 'forbidden knowledge' by the alien administrators.

Image source: http://www.bibleprobe.com/babel.htm

     The picture above is, perhaps, the ruins of the E-temen-an-ki, the house-foundation of heaven and earth, built at the same location as the lost city of Babylon. It was built by Marduk, Nabu, Nimrod, and almost the whole humanity of the time, at about 3463 BCE. Jehovah, and his messengers, destroyed the building using attack aircrafts armed with missiles. As if that was not enough, he also allotted a new language to different groups, and sent them away to near and distant lands. He didn't want the humans to be able to communicate with one another!

Image source: http://www.wikipedia.org/Salamis,_Cyprus

     The above ruins of the ancient city of Salamis in Cyprus, is what is left after the ravaging of Christianity. Epiphanius of Salamis, (315-403 CE) bishop of Cyprus, welcomed Emperor Constantine's decree, ordering the destruction of all ancient temples. Epiphanius traveled all over Cyprus, pointing at old temples that had to be torn to pieces. He even persuaded the Christians not to think. The holy books would take care of that! In his 'Panarion 65', he says:

We can tell the solution of any question not through our own reasonings but from what follows from the scriptures.

     In the year 380 CE, Christian priests, supported by a Christian mob, closed the temple of the Goddess Demeter in Eleusis. The old hierophant Nestorius (95 years old), barely escaped the mob that tried to lynch him. He was forced to end the Eleusinian mysteries that started ca 1500 BCE, announcing that 'mental darkness was to predominate over the human race' . Unfortunately for his descendants (and not descendants) it has been fulfilled like a prophecy! Nestorius was not a prophet but an educated man who could see the alliance between Christian fanaticism and mental darkness. According to the Church, Nestorius's announcement was the speech of devil. The definition was based on neither scientific nor philosophical criteria, only on the authority of the new religious super power. The 'prophecy of devil' has been fulfilled! Christianity brought about the greatest darkness in human history all over Europe.

     The Academy of Plato in Athens is also just ruins. Founded by Plato it was functioning between 387 BCE and 529 BCE, spreading knowledge and freethinking. The Academy was closed after the order of the Christian Roman Emperor Justinian in 529 CE. The teachings of the academy, the emperor said, were in conflict with the teachings of the church! Plato (428 - 347 BCE) was like Socrates, and Aristoteles, devoted to philosophy, science, and ideas about moral.

     The Tower, Salamis, the Eleusinian mysteries, as well as the Academy of Plato have been considered as against the doctrines of Jehovah! These are just a few, among the countless destructions by the warrior Jehovah, Christian emperors, Christian authorities, and Christian mobs.

     The above short information, and the topics on the left side of this page, is to give an idea about this incredibly interesting subject. There are 364 more amazing pages to go! Consider the facts, the evidences, the plethora of subjects hidden behind the titles of the chapters, the unknown almost to everyone historical documents, and the hope about the light future that could be real for the whole of mankind, as a bonus! Enjoy it!

Planet of Gold - Feedback from readers:

[Meticulously researched, beautifully written, intelligent and engaging, this book is really up my street. I could tell that from the initial catalogue of treasures to come!]

[This is a monumental achievement. The sheet amount of research and scholarship evidenced is phenomenal.]

[You brought myths, history, religion, and legends together in an amazing mix, and to that, I give you credit for stirring the mind of the reader into pondering about long-held historical and religious traditions and beliefs. I like stories that generate such effects.]

[I was delighted to find your book, and when I read your preface I knew this was a book to study, absorb, and meditate upon. This is nourishment for the mind, and certainly for the soul.]

[I was moved by your statement that the "fear of God" in traditional monotheism has put us into mental bondage. And yes, you bring to light the unexplainable paradox that most of us raised in traditional Western religion were taught to accept by faith. The best I can do is to applaud you for taking on what is the biggest subject of all, committing yourself to study and intellectual freedom, and presenting it in an orderly and readable form.]

[This is shaping up to be fascinating read. I don't read a lot of non-fiction, but this has me intrigued.]

[A fascinating meld of biblical analysis, history, philosophy and science.]

[A fascinating hypothesis you have here. I truly believe there have been many civilizations that we know nothing about and many that we know very little about.]

[Andreas, this is fascinating stuff. It reads with a lovely feeling of erudite research, but also incredibly accessible.]

[This book has been written with a great deal of research of ancient texts and much thought and shows through with great clarity. Unfortunately, as a born again atheist of many years standing I am amazed at the standard of evidence presented.]

[You offer up information in a take-it-or-leave-it sense, analyse it, study it, explore it while the reader watches, and while questions are answered, you make them muster up even more. The whole piece is fascinating and thought-provoking and will no doubt prove popular both with people well-versed in the subject and those who are utterly new to it.]

[This is a colossal achievement. I have learned a great deal, much to my shame. I was not familiar with the Sumerian texts and the Anunnaki. It is very interesting because I have long believed that homo sapiens may have received a generic boost along the way in our evolution and I wasn't familiar with this perspective.]

[You appear to have done your homework, sir…. This is some of the most thoughtful and logical writing I have seen. I cannot believe the work that has gone into Planet of Gold. Extraordinary research. Non-fiction outsells fiction two to one. And lesser writings of this nature sell like hot cakes. My opinion is that planet of Gold will take off like a rocket.]

[Dear Andreas, You write, "A book is the expression of passion and the ability to clothe the passion in suitable words. "Not every book lives up to this ideal, but yours certainly does. Your "uncorrupted history" is quite exciting; I'm impressed by both your vehemence and your research.]

[I recently bought fingerprints of the Gods because I hoped it would confirm my suspicion that Abraham's God was in fact Ra. I believe Amenhotep (Tutenkahmun's father) said that Ra was the one true God to be worshiped. I'm probably way off on this, so please correct me. My point is that your book covers my questions better.]

[I am a bit overwhelmed by it all. You must have spent years figuring out this. I am not here to though to differ with you, but to applaud you for a work so well written.]

[Fascinating. This reminds me of "The Earth chronicles by Sitchin" (a series I truly adored). Well-researched and well written. I found it compelling and informative.]

[Hello Andreas, This is amazing. I commend you for producing such a well written book. I am filled with admiration.]

[It's clear you have done your research and have passion for your subject. Those are the key ingredients for success.]

[Mr. Paris, you're an incredible brilliant man. Honestly, I question your sanity, though sane is hardly a positive. And sanity is far from any position I currently hold. You fascinated me, and I'd pay top dollar to listen to a lecture from you.]

[Fascinating. I am a huge history buff. And I am fascinated with the beginning of man… I think that there is some wonderful information here although at times it felt a little hard for me to get through. But those moments are few and far between.]

[To my mind, it is just the sort of book everyone should read, especially in this day and age.]

Read about how the alien golds, their interest for gold,
and the white powder of gold has been forming forming
societies and directing human civilizations.

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